I Love My Kindle

kindle I Love My KindleAfter saving money little by little for over a year for Kindle: Amazon’s Wireless Reading Device I Love My Kindle (and wondering if I would ever get to that $350 mark) I was very surprised to get it as a birthday gift from my husband mid-September. I was scheduled to have wrist surgery a few days after my 40th birthday, so was even more thrilled that I would still be able to read easily with a cast on my arm. Due to an infection, the surgery was postponed, but I have read about 7 books and am in the middle of a few more.

My advice would be (1) If your book is not yet available for the Kindle, ask your publisher to do it. It’s a 3-minute step to request your book to be made available.

HOWEVER, that said, I’ve been trying numerous times in the last week to create an account to upload the books and Amazon says, “try back later.” After visiting multiple forums I see that many people have been having this problem and Amazon’s answer has been “just keep trying until it works.” I have better things to do right now than fill out a form over and over to be told they are having technical difficulties, so my faith in their customer support is lacking at the moment.

That said, the Kindle has been easy to use. With my rheumatoid arthritis and painful hands, it’s been a blessing physically. I’ve also loved having one book-size gadget to carry and it includes my bible (purchased for about $5 on Kindle), the 550-page fiction novel I am reading, and numerous non-fiction.

The ability to be able to highlight text, write notes near it and then export it all into a text file will make my writing and researching for my future books and articles so much easier. And I plan to get rid of some of the boxes of books I’ve saved for years and buy the Kindle version so I can use the search feature and scan all my books for a particular word.

I am still discovering all the functions of this handy gadget, but am pleased. The screen is easy to read (no glare) and I’ve found as I am getting tired, I just make the font larger!

The price of the KIndle may or may not make it worthwhile to you as a writer. But if you do a lot of reading and researching for your own books and find yourself highlighting text and then typing in your notes later, definately consider it!


 I Love My Kindle
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  1. James says:

    Hi Lisa, I was wondering how people would receive the Kindle. I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews about it and have personally never bought one.

    I never considered how valuable it could be for people with rheumatoid arthritis, pretty short sighted of me. Speaking of, is it easier on the eyes than a computer screen?

    I think the reason why I have never considered buying the Kindle is because I just read at my desk, my eyes do get tired though. Great blog! lots of great information here.

  2. Chaz Thompson says:

    This from an author’s point of view: In 2003 I began self-publishing my erotica books. In October 2008 I began releasing the same books on Kindle – NOT through my POD “Publisher”. I have earned as much in royalties for my Kindle editions in the short time they have been available as I did for my hard copies the entire time they were on the market (and still are).
    I am stunned at the appetite which exists for Kindle versions.
    Whereas I nearly gave up on reaching an audience through conventional avenues, I am now planning on resurrecting my website and publishing more novels on Kindle.
    Yes, I know the process still has some technical glitches, but Amazon ultimately resolved each one.
    MobiBooks was a flop, as far as I’m concerned, but with Kindle they finally got it right.

  3. DonNika says:

    I totally agree. I love my kindle as well and think its well worth it. I just wanted to add the fact that you can email documents to your Kindle. I have alot of online software with books and study guides on them, I simply copy and paste them into word documents and email them to my Kindle account. This saves me the expense of having to repurchase books I already have. I also love the fact that can purchase magazines and newspapers.

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