Finding Museums That Would Sell Your Book

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What museums have gift shops where your book would sell well? There are museums on nearly every topic you can think of. To find some odd and interesting museums visit MuseumLink’s Museum of Museums at U.S. Museums by State or the newly started Canadian Museums.”

They also have links to “Virtual Museums” online. To find others do a Google search on “the museum of” and your topic. Although what you are searching for may not come up in the results, it may spur some fresh ideas. Some of the more interesting museums include:

  • The Toaster Museum – A site devoted to the bread toaster.
  • Toilet Museum – Celebrity bathrooms and more
  • Museum of Hoaxes – A good site with great links about hoaxes
  • Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices
  • The Museum of the American Cocktail

As for the museum gift shops, check out the Museum Store Association at If what you’re publishing is perfect for museum shops, you may want to join this association so you can get and use its directory of members. Cost is about $275 to be an Exhibitor Affiliate.

Also, try Event Network: Cultural Attraction Retail, a company based in San Diego which runs about forty-five museums and other cultural attractions such as the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii.


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 Finding Museums That Would Sell Your Book

Check Out "Bottom Line" Publications

“Bottom Line” publications are a great place to submit your materials where appropriate.

See for Bottom Line/Personal, Bottom Line/Health, Bottom Line/ Natural Healing,  Tax Hotline, and Bottom Line/Retirement. You can sign up for a free  weekly email newsletter to understand the tone of the business. You can also order three free issues of the actual paper newsletter and then cancel your subscription if you want.

I had my free brochure listed in Bottom Line Health about 1999. It was When a Friend Has a Chronic Illness, What to Say, How to Help. I received over 500 SASEs for this brochure and was able to add these people to my mailing list for future similar products.

Offering tips and freebies are one of the best ways to move into this market.

 Check Out "Bottom Line" Publications

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