Promotional Ideas for September

Wondering what slant you could give your book marketing for September? Well, I have to at least give my own awareness week plug and then list some more!

National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week is Sept 8-14, 2008 and you can find more information here and daily updates and guest bloggers here: And I’ve found tons of people who are interested in being our guest bloggers each day through Sept 14th… so much so that I think I will keep it going after the week is over, even if just once per week or so.

Other weeks you may find interesting?

Well, Shameless Promotion Month - Debbie Allen created Self-Promotion Month after writing her book on the subject of “shameless self-promotion.” She has assisted thousands of people learn the “art” of promoting one’s self (with style!)  

There are also some like…

National Singles Week
Be Late for Something Day
National Grandparent’s Day
International Chocolate Day
Wife Appreciation Day
Women’s Friendship Day

See more here and start getting creative!

Connect with Magazines to Become an Expert


magazines Connect with Magazines to Become an Expert
Magazines can be an excellent way to get your name out there in the public eye and be seen as an expert. If you are a reader of a magazine, you may realize that you quickly jump over the credentials of many experts when you are reading. But when the expert’s web site is given, or book name, as in Mary Smith, founder of “” , if the reader is interested they will make a note of it. Plus, writers and editors of other magazines read and study the magazines. If you are being quotes as an expert, it’s assumed that the other magazine has done their homework and that you really are a useful source!

I subscribed to about 30 magazines, everything from Woman’s Day to Christian Retailing, US News to Arthritis Today. I splurge about once a month and buy a People Magazine. I recently found very useful information about a person’s chronic illness in People when no other magazine I’d read (or even the Today Show) had mentioned. Since I am in the illness field, this was information I definitely wanted!

It may sound like a fortune to subscribe to all these magazines but I use some great services like Best Deal Magazines and others. Just Google “discount magazine subscriptions” for all kinds of magazine subscriptions that are $4-$6 per subscription–Often the cost of just one issue at your store.

I stack them up and then I go through this like a whirlwind with a big pen and scissors. I am looking for a variety of information, such as

  • Articles on topics I write on. What magazines are covering my topic that I should contact with a different slant?
  • Where could I offer good sidebar information?
  • What editor would I contact to let him or her know that I can be called to comment on certain topics?
  • What articles could I query them for?

Since I also have my own magazine, HopeKeepers, I am also looking for

  • Possible advertisers. Who is advertising where?
  • Writers or experts I should make a note of for my own publication
  • What’s “hot” and what’s “not”
  • News I may have missed on different topics

Lastly, one of the best tips I can give is to get out your book. Go through it chapter by chapter, thinking like a magazine editor and recognize what areas could make good excerpts for a magazine, or what quotes could be pulled from it. What parts of it would make a good sidebar to an article the magazine may want one of their writers to do? Grab a stack of your books, one for each magazine you are targeting and go through it and put post it’s on the pages that would be a good fit. What different slants can you give it?

For my book Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend I can pick out all kinds of slants, such as

  • How to encourage a chronically ill mom. Dad.
  • How to encourage the kids in the family
  • What can your kids do to help a family?
  • How to encourage a chronically ill co-worker
  • How to help a friend for uner $10
  • How to help a friend in less than 20 minutes

And this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a great magazine resource, – check it out for lots of ideas!


Lisa and Joel Copen have a variety of experience in founding a nonprofit that receives over 80,000 visitors per month, music and sound editing, web design, and book marketing and publishing. They look forward to your ideas to make the series of ebooks on book promotion a practical tool to help you sell more books!

 Connect with Magazines to Become an Expert

Free Review… If You Have an Illness or Disability

Do you have a business? How about an illness or disability? Blogger of “My Chronic Life” says, “I am always happy to help promote businesses that are run by people who have any type of chronic illness or disABILITY. If you would like your business promoted on my blog please contact me.”

How refreshing! Your book doesn’t have to be on your illness or disability. But you should have some kind of “business” thing going — meaning you are actually promoting your book!


Lisa and Joel Copen have a variety of experience in founding a nonprofit that receieves over 80,000 visitors per month, music and sound editing, web design, and book marketing and publishing. They look forward to your ideas to make the series of ebooks on book promotion a practical tool to help you sell more books!

 Free Review... If You Have an Illness or Disability

Creative Promotional Tip for Branding Your Book

Those of us who write books love books. Am I right? When someone asks you what book is on your nightstand do you try to not laugh because it’s more a question of how many stacks you are trying to balance?

But for many people, the idea of reading a book is great effort. They have to be really “into” the book to finish it (not like myself who is determined to finish it regardless). Most people read a chapter or two and if it’s not working for them, they are done.

DR%20inside%20car%20rear%20view1%20placing Creative Promotional Tip for Branding Your BookYou’ve probably heard all kinds of branding ideas, but here is a fresh one that you may want to consider. I found “Driving Reflections” at the Christian Retail Show last summer.  To quote the web site, “Driving Reflections are windshield biblical passages, Bible verses, and messages for your car to see while driving.  They offer powerful affirmations based on the truth of God’s Word.” Go to the web site to see the whole idea.

They are also branching out into many other topics than just the faith market, so regardless of your book topic (money, counsel, weight loss, thankfulness, etc.) there is one that would compliment your book.

And here is the good part… you can order them customized with your own words! What message are you trying to send in your book? What affirmation? Encouragement? Knowledge? The site says…

  • Minimum quantities start at 50 units, 16 messages per unit, includes card holder with non-slip pads, package insert and clear bag.
  • Set-up Fee to convert your messages and art set up – as low as $100
  • Consulting available to create your messages – quote upon request

The driving reflections that are already designed resale for $10 and are about half that for wholesale. I gave them to all my family this year as Christmas gifts and everyone loves them. And when friends ride in the cars they always ask about them.

Or if customizing them is a bit too spendy yet, there are many topics, with more being created all the time from peace of mind, love and relationships, and courage and faith.

So… I know I sound like a commercial for them. Truth is I don’t get anything out of this deal except for the fact that I (1) met the owner and loved her and saw her vision; (2) loved the product; (3) have customers that love the product.

I think these are great to have available at your book table when you do signings or “back of the room sales.” Include one with your book when you give your book away in a drawing. And definately consider creating your own custom messages with quotes directly from your book that people can put into practise when they read it on their way to work each day.

Don’t you just love promotional ideas? Do you have any to share?


Lisa and Joel Copen have a variety of experience in founding a nonprofit that receieves over 80,000 visitors per month, music and sound editing, web design, and book marketing and publishing. They look forward to your ideas to make the series of ebooks on book promotion a practical tool to help you sell more books!

Snaz Up Your Book Display

Whether you are having a table at the back of the room while speaking, doing a book signing, or trying to get stores to carry your book up on their counter, good display items can make the difference between a “yes” and a “no.” Both the store owner’s response and also the buyer.

We’ve all been to the typical office supply stores and have seen the acrylic stands where you stick a brochure in. But did you know there are hundreds of possibilities for snazzier displays? One of my favorite companies I use is Beemak Plastics, Inc. at  .I don’t make any money from telling you their name, I just like them. As you look through their web site or flip through the paper catalog, it wil start the brainstorming process.

What would you like to announce to anyone who is glancing at your book?

  • Maybe a favorite quote?
  • A special on the sale price?
  • You are a local author?
  • A percentage of the sales goes to support a charity?
  • A suggestion of people who your book would be a great gift idea?
  • What about a flyer with a tips sheet on the topic of your book?
  • Maybe your book on CD?
  • Or even a box where people can drop their business cards to win a free prize?

Appearance can make all the difference, so don’t forget to take the time to think beyond the book itself so you can present it in the best way possible. And nothing against your local supply store, but a plastic stand really doesn’t have to cost $8. With the money you will save ordering from a specialty store, you can buy book holders for all the shops in town who want to promote your book on their countertop!


Lisa and Joel Copen have a variety of experience in founding a nonprofit that receieves over 80,000 visitors per month, music and sound editing, web design, and book marketing and publishing. They look forward to your ideas to make the series of ebooks on book promotion a practical tool to help you sell more books!

 Snaz Up Your Book Display

5 Reasons Every Writer Needs a Web Presence and Where to Start

I recently talked to a friend who was having an article published in a well-known, highly competitive magazine. She hasn’t yet taken the jump to have a web presence. I tend to forget that I spend thousands of hours online, receive hundreds of newsletters each month and answer over 1000 emails a month. I don’t realize that the words “blog,” “SEO,” “keywords,” “meta tags,” and even “book marketing” are not terms most people go to bed thinking about. Or get up at 2 a.m. when you can’t sleep and read articles from an online business school giving advice on internet article marketing.

As a writer, do you really need a web site, even if you are just writing articles offline? Yes!

Here are 5 simple reasons why and where to start:

(1) People need to be able to find you. If they like your article in a magazine they will often Google you or look online at the magazine’s web site to see how to contact you. It’s good if you have an email, but you don’t want that on the magazine’s web site or you will soon be bombarded with spam. And it may sound silly, but if you don’t have a web site and are trying to market yourself or your business in some ways, it’s assumed you just don’t know what you are doing.

Anyone who has a business either designs or hires someone to design a web site for them. Would you have a delivery service without a vehicle or a restaurant without a menu? That’s you without a web site. Just do it.

(2) The good news is that you really can do your own site. Gone are the times when we had to hire web designers at $75-$200 per hour (and yes, I was a web designer, so I am allowed to say that.) Now you can whip up a presence on a blogging service like – for free– and have the added benefit of being “pinged” and getting your fresh content out there. (FYI: If you don’t know what “ping” means, don’t worry about it. Just know when you hit the “publish” button WordPress will take care of letting the search engines know about you.)

(3) Create some profiles so people can find you. If you set up a blog or web site, that’s a great place to send people to who are looking for your fresh content, latest publications, profile and how to hire you. But if they just Google your name, the odds are that they may not find you on the first few pages, especially if you have a common name (and millions of names are “common” on the Internet.) So go to web sites like,,,,, and even and mess around to create a profile that at least sends people back to your site. The size of these social networks help them rank high and people will be able to find you more easily.

(4) Start writing articles to give away. Yes, I know, if you are a paid writer that sounds less than appealing. But there are some perks:

  • Magazine/newsletter editors often have extra space in their publications or online content and may put in some keywords to find an article or expert writer on that topic for the space they are trying to fit. I’ve been there and found articles/writers from their free articles online; I’ve also been a writer whom magazines have found because of my free articles.
  • You need to become known as an expert in your niche field, and that takes more than 2-3 articles on your topic each year in hard-copy magazines. Marketing on the web with articles can help make it impossible for people to get away from you when they type in keywords you have taken over. And there are thousands of keyword phrases no one is writing about, for example, “marketing in the catering business article” is a term that, according to an keyword service, not one web site has targeted. Same with “article on direct marketing personal selling” Hmmm…  With just a few clicks you can know what phrases in your niche aren’t being clicked on. See my blog “faves” for my favorite service where I get this info!
  • You can find what topics are most appealing by how many clicks they get and then query magazines on these topics. It seems it’s never the topics you would expect that have a lot of hits. Articles sites like www.ezinearticles.comand are great ways to get your content out there and then build on it for your queries.

(5) If you’re a writer you are assuming that there are a few other people out there who are interested in your topic. Find them! Go to social networks like or and find the groups. On for example, each group you participate in you are given a “page” where you can also blog. Most Ning sites have it set up so YOUR blog posts to the main site of the web page automatically.

Once you get the hang of these, start your own social network and be the founder of the hub, creating the ability to be considered the expert. Plus, you can email all the members with a touch of a keystroke. (Gold!) Participating in these networks is great because you can also ask for feedback, quotes, anecdotes  dexamples from people, create a poll, etc. These are all helpful in writing new articles.

In the past, having a web site could seem overwhelming. Learning to program html, uploading via ftp, using meta tags and paying those monthly service fees whether you made 2-cents or not was draining–sometimes to your spirit of the project, sometimes to the pocketbook. Today, with blogs having great template, easy to use programs, and the ability to make them into Widgets and get them on people’s web sites all over… the possibilities for exposure are endless.

And the sooner you start, the better your odds will be over the next writer who specializes in your topic and finally decides to get online next year. One of the reasons my organization still ranks incredibly high on the major search engines is because I’ve been online since 1997.

Keep me posted on your progress!


Lisa and Joel Copen have a variety of experience in founding a nonprofit that receieves over 80,000 visitors per month, music and sound editing, web design, and book marketing and publishing. They look forward to your ideas to make the series of ebooks on book promotion a practical tool to help you sell more books!

 5 Reasons Every Writer Needs a Web Presence and Where to Start

Raise Your Hand if You Care

So the latest news today is…

  • Britney in Psych Ward for Two More Weeks…Though the 72-hour hold on Britney Spears is up, the pop star will be remaining in the psych…
  • More proof Angelina Jolie is pregnant
  • Eva Mendes enters rehab

[I won't do these headlines justice by giving you the links to the stories. You will have to do your own homework.]

This week as I watched the evening news I heard various stories that were not newsworthy!

  • Like the fact that there are now nude airline trips available (What? I don’t even like to share an armrest!)
  • A cat that took his own airline ride in a suitcase
  • More silly criminals that got caught
  • Life on Mars? It looks like Big Foot in the photos is wandering around the planet.

The newscasters had this look like… “This is what I went to journalism school for?”

Even the presidential race has turned into who said something insincere, rude, or with a hidden message. It’s a race to see what radio stations can dig up dirt on tantrums that all the candidates have had at one time or another in the past twenty years (Literally! I heard it!)

So, do we care?

The answer may surprise you… because YES… we should care (at least a little bit).

As an author we often get our heads stuck in books–if not writing our own, then devouring others. We hang out with reasonable people who share our passions and maybe even our faith. When was the last time you bought “OK” magazine or anything that had the word Alien on the cover? Did you get flustered when you had to pay for it and try to offer an explanation to the cashier of “I’m a writer doing research”? (Been there, done that.)

For many of us, however, we are writing books for people who do buy these magazines (gasp!) and do care that Angelina is pregnant again. And consider your book topic closely.

At a writers conference I recently attended a woman shared how she couldn’t seem to create any buzz about her book which was on the topic of morals for teen girls. I can’t think of a better time in our culture than now for selling this book. But who is going to buy it? The tween girls? No, their mothers, maybe even their grandmothers.

I told this author to go and buy all the tacky magazines she could find for women and girls and study them a few days. Saturate your brain a bit so you start thinking like the readers of these magazines think (Plan a time to detox later!) Look at the headlines. Do they say, “10 Ways to Raise a Moral Girl in 2008″? Nah…

With Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton being the “it” girls, I think there are loads of mothers out there desperately searching for some answers on how to avoid their daughters thinking of these girls as role models.

And why shouldn’t are daughters think we approve of these gals as role models? When our basic network television show stops the programming to see Paris walk out of jail, it’s obvious that even adults consider this news and something noteworthy.

So how could you pitch, say, radio programs? Change your pitching titles, but consider the audience. If I was pitching a Christian radio show my my titles would be a little softer than it I was trying to get on a secular morning show.

Think of topics one couls slant a book on morals for girls: How about:

  • “5 Ways to Get Your Daughter Out the Door Without Showing Her Belly Button”
  • “6 Secrets Teens Girls Don’t Want You to Know About Their Clothes and Self Esteem”
  • “I Was a Slutty Teen. Now I’m a Moral Mom. How to Get Your Teen to Gain Morals Early in Life”
  • “Is Your Tween Hannah Montana or Brittney Spears? How to Teach Teens to Think For Themselves and be Smart Before It’s too Late!”
  • “Too Much Skin on Aisle Four! How Can Moms Expect Their Kids to Cover Up When Even They Can’t Go to the Grocery Store Without a Tank Top Two Sizes Too Small?” 

And then remember… prom season is coming up! 

  • “How to Convince Your Teen to Dress Like a Princess for the Prom, Not a Slut”
  • “How to Go Prom Dress Shopping With Your Daughter–Fight Free!”

And consider the fact that all of these would be a bit controversial which would mean callers could call in! You could even provide the hosts with some call-in ideas like, “What was the funniest thing your mom wouldn’t allow you to wear?” “When Mom says no! What did you sneak to school to wear that your mom wouldn’t have let you out of the house with?”

If you wanted to go all the way, you could design a shirt and throw it up for sale over at or have a few that go along with your theme like or which have positive sayings.

One book that I picked up at Costco hit this theme, Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank: A Slightly Tarnished Southern Belle’s Words of Wisdom. Sadly, the chapter on dressing six-year-olds was “laugh out loud funny” because it was to true! Believe it or not, I didn’t even get to wear the color black until I was thirteen– and then I got my first pair of black slacks. My mom and her mom both considered black an “adult color.” Sometimes I think they had the right idea.

As an author, we have to read these publications, Time Magazine, sure but Soap Digest too. If these magazines were not giving their audience what they wanted they would not still exist. And if you have a message in your book that needs to be heard, you may have to package it a bit creatively so that people want to read it.

So! Go buy the magazines! No apologies necessary. Just pick up some Fiddle Faddle and a root beer while your there and consider it all reasearch.



Lisa and Joel Copen have a variety of experience in founding a nonprofit that receieves over 80,000 visitors per month, music and sound editing, web design, and book marketing and publishing. They look forward to your ideas to make the series of ebooks on book promotion a practical tool to help you sell more books!

The Who, What, Where, and Why of Christian Book Promotion & Marketing

Today’s article is a by a special guest,  Athena Dean, founder of WinePress Publishing and three-time self-published author.


The Who, What, Where, and Why of Christian Book Promotion & Marketing
By Athena Dean

So, do you think every Christian needs to read your book? If you do, let us stop for a moment and get real. If you think your book is going to end up in WalMart, on Oprah, and on the NY Times Bestseller List…really, I hate to rain on your parade, but you really are setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment. It will help from the start to have realistic expectations and recognize clearly who your real market is. You must ask your self these defining questions…who, what and where? Then you must prove the why.

If you cannot narrow down your who into a specific people group, the narrower the better, the more difficult you will find marketing and promoting your book.


If your who is all Christian, all women, all men, or all teens, then we’ve got a problem. Your goal should be to target your message to a more specific people group, like:

  • New moms
  • Single moms
  • People in sales
  • Military wives
  • Cancer survivors
  • Homeschoolers
  • Christian writers
  • Teachers
  • The grieving
  • Bereavement counselors
  • Child abuse survivors
  • Teens struggling with addictions
  • Women struggling with eating disorders
  • Christian counselors
  • Runners or hikers
  • Pastors or church leaders
  • Wives of veterans
  • Parents of terminally ill children
  • Caregivers
  • Senior citizens
  • Stay at home moms
  • Dog lovers
  • Cat lovers
  • And so on

The more clearly you can define your market, the easier it will be to find ways to advertise and promote to them.

If you are a fiction writer, make sure you include an issue in your story. Do not just have your main character become a Christian, but create someone struggling with abortion, infertility, domestic violence, infidelity, prodigal children, AIDS, homosexuality, etc. This will help you niche market your fiction title much easier since there are many support groups in the church and secular world reaching out to those dealing with issues, giving you a greater potential reading audience, again, because it is targeted.


Once you’ve determined the who and hopefully narrowed down your market to a niche group of potential readers, it is time to take a look at the what:

  • What magazines or newsletters or newspapers or catalogs might they read?
  • What radio stations do they listen to?
  • What TV shows do they watch?
  • What websites do they visit?
  • What keywords are they typing into an internet search engine?
  • What blogs do they read?

These days you see magazines, catalogs, websites and newsletters targeted for specific people groups. Many support groups have newsletters to keep in touch with their membership and typically the cost to advertise is low. Also, the chances of getting your book reviewed are much better in this type of publication than in a huge, well known publication…especially if your book offers great benefit to their readers.

All too often, authors gravitate towards the well known, full color, slick magazines like Christianity Today, Discipleship Journal, Charisma and the like. But beware…to advertise in these publications is not only extremely expensive, but typically very unproductive because the audience is so broad. You could easily spend thousands of dollars and get about as much return as flushing your money down the toilet would!

Take a few moments and come up with a list of keywords that relate to your topic. Then go to a few different search engines (;; etc.) and type in each one of the keywords on your list. You will be amazed at all the resources you will find on the internet…and many of them are looking for important books like yours to add to their list of links and recommended reading.

The essential opportunities to look for are resources that are focused on meeting the needs of your particular people group. Whether it is a daily or weekly radio or TV show, a catalog, or newsletter, or an e-zine, blog or website, do some research to see what you can find that is dedicated to your prospective readers. Those are the kinds of websites, publications and media resources that you will want to prayerfully add to your marketing plan.


So where are you going to find these prospective buyers? Another reason to get as specific as possible is that you will find that the more specific the people group is, the easier it will be to find events and happenings where they might gather. Whether it’s in cyberspace, or in your physical locale, people who share similar interests or challenges tend to gather on a regular basis. This is good news for you if your book is a resource that will meet their needs.


  • Message boards
  • Forums
  • Chat groups
  • Opt-in newsletters
  • Targeted websites
  • Blogs
  • E-Zines
  • Social networks (;, etc.)
  • Teleclasses
  • Web Conferences


  • Support groups
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Bible Studies
  • Book Clubs
  • Conventions (annual, regional, etc.)
  • Civic groups
  • Churches
  • Monthly membership meetings
  • Christian workers conferences
  • Christian Education conventions
  • Street Fairs / Festivals

You’ve zeroed in on your niche market, but now begs the question…why should anyone buy your book? What do you have to offer them?

At this point the best thing you could do is get some valuable feedback. Get a group of your supporters together for a creative inspiration session. Brainstorm a list of places where you can find those who need to hear your message. While you’re at it, ask your focus group these important questions:

  • What does your book offer?
  • What problem does it help the reader solve?

Spend some additional time listing all the benefits of the message and then take a break. After a snack, come back together and go over the list, highlighting the most compelling and exciting benefits. These are the ones you will want to use in your sales copy in advertising, back cover copy, and a short description for a catalog.


The truth is, people are selfish. That’s our sinful nature and there’s no getting around it…that said, most don’t really care why you wrote your book, what they really want to know is what is in it for them. Why should they take the time to read what you have to say?

Hopefully you’ve already gone before the Lord to make sure your message is His message, getting rid of anything that draws attention to yourself and embellishing whatever glorifies the Lord. With that done, you need to clearly and articulately encapsulate the benefit your book offers your reader.

If you cannot come up with sales copy of less than 40 words, then you might be in trouble. Let’s face it, people are busy. If you meet someone in an elevator; you don’t have 15 minutes to tell them about your book…you need a sound byte…a “bottom line” describing the problem that exists and the solution you offer.

You should be able to share your sales copy (or “elevator speech”) one on one in 30 seconds or less. You’ve got to be able to communicate what’s in it for the reader and be ready to expound on that as the opportunity arises. Just make sure your copy sounds natural when you say it…if it is too flowery or technical it will sound canned. It needs to be natural yet compelling to those who hear it without so many words that your listener gets lost.

As you consider the troubles you help others conquer, as a Christian writer, you are able to offer a real and enduring solution for the trials of this life. It is true that the solution is surrendering ones life fully to Jesus and becoming a disciple whose only goal is to do His will, but that does not necessarily mean that the Lord is going to solve all of our problems and we will never have to suffer.

Readers are tired of trite, superficial answers to the challenges of this life. We must, as Christian writers, give them an opportunity to go deeper and experience true life by the power of the Holy Spirit as the only solution to the issues they face.

So what are you helping your reader to overcome? Depression? Loneliness? Abuse? Unforgiveness? Anger? Betrayal or infidelity? Fear of the future? Grief over the loss of a loved one? Make sure you use this information in the back cover copy and all advertising and sales material so that your potential readers will relate based on their felt needs and see that you may have some answers for them.

In conclusion, by clearly determining who your market is, what type of media they prefer, where they congregate with others, and why they should buy your book, you have the basics that you’ll need for success. Now you can create and launch a successful marketing campaign to get your message into the hands of those who need to read it.


Athena Dean, founder of WinePress Publishing and three-time self-published author, has coached hundreds of authors through the daunting task of book production and promotion. Over the last 17 years she has helped bring the degree of credibility for self-published works up to the high level of acceptance in the industry it enjoys today. Athena functions as Acquisitions Manager for WinePress Publishing Group and is currently the President of the Northwest Christian Writers’ Association Check out her You Can Do It – Promote and Market Your Self Published Book Blog at

Article Source:,-What,-Where,-and-Why-of-Christian-Book-Promotion-and-Marketing&id=896615

Looking for Deals on Internet Marketing Software, Tips & More?

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You can read more about products they’ve had in the past… and you’ll be wishing you were a member last week!


For more Book Marketing Tips SIGN Up to receive our RSS feed and you’ll be entered to win a copy of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books Looking for Deals on Internet Marketing Software, Tips & More? by John Kremer.

Lisa and Joel Copen have a variety of experience in founding a nonprofit that receieves over 80,000 visitors per month, music and sound editing, web design, and book marketing and publishing. They look forward to your ideas to make the series of ebooks on book promotion a practical tool to help you sell more books!

 Looking for Deals on Internet Marketing Software, Tips & More?

Book Sales are Up and Independents are Opening

According to the American Booksellers Association, for the fifth consecutive month, retail sales at bookstores exceeded last year’s results. Preliminary figures recently released by the Bureau of the Census show an increase in bookstore sales in November 2007 of 7.5 percent compared to November 2006.

More good news is that the American Booksellers Association welcomed 115 new bookstores that opened for business in 2007. This was the third year in a row that the number of bookstore openings topped one hundred.

“We’re happy to report that 115 ABA member stores opened in 2007,” said ABA CEO Avin Mark Domnitz. “This is very good news and an indication of a growing trend among communities that are recognizing the unique contributions of local independent businesses. These new ABA member stores offer a one-of-a-kind environment and knowledgeable owners and staff who are dedicated to serving their neighborhoods.”

The new bookstore openings were spread across 35 states, and included a branch store of Florida’s Books & Books on Grand Cayman Island and a member store in La Paz, Mexico. The largest number of openings was in California, which welcomed 17 new stores; followed by eight openings in New York; seven each in Georgia and Oregon; six in Michigan; and five each in Colorado, Minnesota, and North Carolina.

Many of the stores are unique to just a few genres or even one. For example, Bookselling This Week explains one customer’s unique angle:

Mysterious Future Bookstore, a 2,000-square-foot science fiction and mystery bookstore in Santa Rosa, California, which opened in late April, has benefited from the support of other area bookstores, said owner Sharon Halton. “None of us can carry every book,” she explained. “So we send each other customers. Participating in a local book fair has also helped us [attract new customers].”

Read more of the article here. It also includes a list of the names/locations of the new independent bookstores that opened in 2007.

What does this mean for the author who is trying to market her book? Good news! It’s not all about! With Internet book tour opportunities abounding and “social networking” now being considered an internet marketing term, we are often quick to stay in our little home office and ignore the bookstores. But the relationships you form with the indpendent bookstore owners can benefit you (and your sales!) for years to come.

By investing time into helping them sell more books–yours included–you have the chance to become one of their special local guests, have multiple book signings, have them refer your book to customers personally, and have them recommend you to other bookstore owners the meet. You can build your platform and be considered an expert in your community. Which of course leads to becoming a source for reporters and editors who are doing stories on your topic.

With the buzz of the internet calling, take some time this week to check out some of the local independent bookstores and find where your book would be a good fit. With a few simple steps you can become an author that independent bookstore owners love.

Statistics are from Bookselling This Week


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