I Loved Promoting Authors Books During Invisible Illness WeeK

180x60 ihaveatalkshow I Loved Promoting Authors Books During Invisible Illness WeeK

At last Invisible Illness Week’s 20 Blog Talk Radio programs are completed. I was the host for 20 shows, 4 per day, featuring guests on topics about chronic illness. You may wonder how I dug up 20 topics?

The truth is I could have easily had 40. Topics ranged from going back to college when you have an illness, finding the right career within your limitations, blogging for a living when you are ill, conquering the daily challenges of illness when you are in your 20s or 30s. I’ve included the code here to some of our programs and if someone you know or love deals with illness there is sure to be some topics they can relate with.

The amazing thing was I got to play “host” for these radio programs. And it was refreshing to get to be on the “other side” of things and get to promote authors who I really believed in. I raved about Laurie Edward’s new book, Life Distrupted, and told people that I so liked Maureen Pratt’s book, Peace in the Storm that I always turned it face out. I even passed along that “secret” to our listeners that if they love a book and see it at the bookstore, just how much authors appreciate readers turning the books face side out. 

There were many others, but I hope those who had books sell the books. Over at Blog Talk Radio when you enter the program information you are allowed to feature up to 3 books (or any items) over at Amazon.com. There isn’t any compensation if you are part of the Amazon Affiliate program (a bit of a bummer) but it’s also nice for the authors to know you are doing it purely for the joy of supporting them and saying “Thank you for taking the time to be on my show.”

It also keeps the program description colorful and is easy for the listener to see you are providing easy access to a resource you believe in.

So for everyone involved out there who participated as a speaker, “Thank you for being a part of our show this week.” I hope you sell lots of books.

And a reminder, to those of you who decided not to be involved because you simply didn’t see the value in it, you missed out!

As authors we must remember that though some of these “little weeks” with “little programs” seem small and not worth the investment, your presence, involvement and support of such events can make a huge boost in your sales. Over at Invisible Illness Week we have a niche area of people looking for resources that pertain to help them cope better with their illness. Most of our shows had 50-100 live listeners, but in less than 12 hours, over 400 people had listened to the archived show.

Nearly everyone I’ve spoken with said the next week or two they will be listening to the rest of the programs. And with 20 speakers putting the code on their web page, people like me posting it around, etc. I will be curious to see how much those numbers will multiple within the next year when we do this again.

Programs featured on services such as Blog Talk Radio may seem like a small piece of the promotional pie, but the fact that an audience will listen to these programs, sometimes a few times, download them all onto their ipods (through an easy itunes feature); will email the audio links to friends, and will continue to share about them… well, I can’t think of anything better!

In some ways, it’s better promotion than being on a regular radio program where someone can’t order the book in one click, can’t listen to the program again so easily, and where dozens of people don’t archive the programs on their own web sites. People usually listen to radio programs while driving around in their car and even if they want to buy the book, think how difficult it is even for you! I know when I hear a book on the radio, I hope I have a napkin and working pen to scribble the info out on, I have to find that when I get home, log on to the computer, look up the book and then order it.

While people are listening to online programs they can literally make 1 or 2 clicks and have that book in their cart, or at least on their wish list so they don’t have to remember the title later (which I do all the time).

Take a second look at what annual events are available and what they are doing that you may wish to participate in. How you can help them out?  You may find your own self and sales blessed more than you can imagine.


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