Donating Books – Charities a Great Option!

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The end of the year is coming. If you’re looking to move some of those books out of your bedroom office, or just want to spread some holiday cheer, donating some books to charities is a wonderful option.

You can also offer them at a discount to charities all year round, by asking your current readers to help cover some of the wholesale costs of the book itself.

Offer additional copies of your book to a local charity at a discounted price

For example, in the back of Mosaic Moments: Devotionals for the Chronically Ill by Lisa Copen people can send in a check for 50% off the $12 price of the book and asked that a copy of the book be sent to a charitable organization of their choice, such as a
nursing home, prison library, or doctor’s office. Where would your book make
inspirational reading?

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Lisa and Joel Copen have a variety of experience in founding a nonprofit that receieves over 80,000 visitors per month, music and sound editing, web design, and book marketing and publishing. They look forward to your ideas to make the series of ebooks on book promotion a practical tool to help you sell more books!

 Donating Books   Charities a Great Option!

Here we go! Blog #1


sale Here we go! Blog #1

Yes… you CAN sell more books. I look forward to starting this blog in, encouraging authors or dreamers that marketing books can be:

[1] fun! (really, it can be, you’ll find out how)

[2] possible on a small budget (or if you’re like me… budget? what budget?)

If you took years off your life to get some words between the covers of a book, you want others to actually read it, right? We all love grandmothers, but we’d like our readership to move beyond immediate family. And no more using those boxes in your spare bedroom for guests to use as luggage racks! It’s time to open those boxes up and start getting busy!

I look forward to our time together and your input too!


 Here we go! Blog #1

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