Study that Junk Mail for Direct Mail Ideas

300px Junk mail collection Study that Junk Mail for Direct Mail Ideas

Feeling overwhelmed with junk mail? As the new year begins your mailbox may be filling up with everything from weight loss offers to (ironically) pizza coupons; home improvement to “free” checks from all those credit cards.

Rather than dumping it all throw it all into a bin. Then pull that bin out at then end of the month and look at it from a marketing viewpoint. A few hours of reviewing it can give you a big jump in your competitors (other authors) direct mail efforts by making your promotional paperwork most effective.

What is it that made the company use this piece of mail? Why did they design it that way? What form of mailing is it? (A postcard, flyer, letter, etc.)  Study your junk mail. What can you learn from it? What caught your attention? What made you immediately want to toss it? How does the font impact you? What about the paper weight?

Start keeping any junk mail that comes in a folder that makes you want to respond to it. As you are designing your own mailings you can go back and have some ideas to brainstorm from. Plus, if you are taking ideas to a designer and a printer you will have some specific examples of what you ae looking for. Companies spend thousands of dollars of research in finding what mailings work for them best. Feel free to borrow their ideas and knowledge!
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 Study that Junk Mail for Direct Mail Ideas

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