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  • Are you wondering if you should take the next step to promote your business or book online?
  • Are you confused as to where to put your time and your dollars?
  • Do you want the benefits of people online knowing more about your business but you don’t want to get caught up in spending too much time?

Lisa teaches a variety of seminars that can help you get to the next step to help your business or career thrive!

Social Networking for the Author or Small Business Owner - How to get involved in the online communities without investing a lot of time or energy, but still reaching your customers.

Reach More People and Customers Online - How to write blog posts, tweets, Facebook messages and more that will catch the attention of those you are trying to reach, including effective use of keywords and search engine optimization for the beginner.

How to Know What is Being Said About Your Business Online - easy ways to gather information daily on topics you care about, including your own business and reputation, and then knowing what to do about it.

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About Lisa


lisa silly About Lisa

Lisa Copen loves marketing because she loves people. “The ability to discover what people want that they are not finding and then producing the products to serve their needs is an incredible high,” she shares. “It’s not about making money, the but through getting to know people’s desires and what will make their life easier, the money will come if you can provide it.”

She is the founder of a nonprofit, Rest Ministries and National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week, which has served the chronically ill since 1996 with over 80,000 visitors to her web site each month. Through her own organization, she began doing web design and learning internet marketing and was soon doing web site for small businesses and speaking and the business expo of the Poway Chamber of Commerce on Internet marketing.

She has spoken on book marketing and helped authors come up with personalized marketing plans for their books or book proposals at events organized by organizations such as CLASS (Christian Leaders Authors and Speaker Services), AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers) and the San Diego Christian Writers Guild.

As an author of numerous books, she has sold thousands through non-traditional means and has a passion for helping others who want to sell their book! And she is a contributor to the Huffington Post.

Lisa says, “If I can save someone a few steps or teach them to put a new slant on how they can market their book, I feel like I’ve saved them a few steps and perhaps thousands of dollars.”

She has taken training seminars by speaker and marketing experts such as John Kremer, Arielle Ford, Florence Littauer, Alex Carroll, and Derek Gehl.

She speaks at writers conferences and is working on a series of ebooks on marketing your books on a budget and giving internet marketing seminars in the San Diego area.

You can read more about Lisa’s speaking and passions at her personal web site

Lisa’s energy, despite her chronic pain, enriches all who are blessed enough to be touched by her ministry. Her personal availability encourages the rest of us to reach for God’s best. Her courage to move forward despite everything models hope for the rest of us. Thank you, Lord, for energizing Lise in her ministries. -Jonnie Wright, author of personal growth Bible studies

 About Lisa

Finding Museums That Would Sell Your Book

300px Polynesian Cultural Centre Canoe Ride Finding Museums That Would Sell Your Book

What museums have gift shops where your book would sell well? There are museums on nearly every topic you can think of. To find some odd and interesting museums visit MuseumLink’s Museum of Museums at U.S. Museums by State or the newly started Canadian Museums.”

They also have links to “Virtual Museums” online. To find others do a Google search on “the museum of” and your topic. Although what you are searching for may not come up in the results, it may spur some fresh ideas. Some of the more interesting museums include:

  • The Toaster Museum – A site devoted to the bread toaster.
  • Toilet Museum – Celebrity bathrooms and more
  • Museum of Hoaxes – A good site with great links about hoaxes
  • Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices
  • The Museum of the American Cocktail

As for the museum gift shops, check out the Museum Store Association at If what you’re publishing is perfect for museum shops, you may want to join this association so you can get and use its directory of members. Cost is about $275 to be an Exhibitor Affiliate.

Also, try Event Network: Cultural Attraction Retail, a company based in San Diego which runs about forty-five museums and other cultural attractions such as the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii.


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Joel and Lisa Copen have a variety of experience in founding a nonprofit that receieves over 80,000 visitors per month, music and sound editing, web design, and book marketing and publishing. They look forward to your ideas to make the series of ebooks on book promotion a practical tool to help you sell more books!

 Finding Museums That Would Sell Your Book

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