Make Marketing Easier Tip #5 – Using Google Dashboard


google dashboard Make Marketing Easier Tip #5   Using Google Dashboard

If you use a lot of Google products (and you may have more than you think!) here is an easy way to see what you have signed up for at the Google Dashboard. After many problems over the years with Google usernames and passwords, I now have a setting that says, “Google – MASS to everything!” and have never looked back.

Obviously I was not the only personal having issues with going in web circles between Gmail and Adwords! Here is a great video that explains how to see your Google Dashboard which now has everything listed that Google knows about you!

Click here for a video that describes the Google Dashboard.

 Make Marketing Easier Tip #5   Using Google Dashboard

Squidoo Lens for Your "Best Ever"

What do you have that is the “best ever” that is related to your book or web site? Head on over to Squidoo and quickly create a “lens” to let the world know at The Ever Project: at .

This project allows you to create your best ever collection on any subject. You could do the best recipe books ever, best quotes ever, best authors ever. I created a lens on the best Adoption Scrapbook Album ever (which happens to be my book…)

Squidoo continues to have a very high page rank for Google, so your book’s information may just pop up on top of Google from a Squidoo site when it doesn’t elsewhere, so it’s definately worth the 30 minutes or so it takes to set up.


Lisa and Joel Copen have a variety of experience in founding a nonprofit that receieves over 80,000 visitors per month, music and sound editing, web design, and book marketing and publishing. They look forward to your ideas to make the series of ebooks on book promotion a practical tool to help you sell more books!

 Squidoo Lens for Your "Best Ever"

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