Networking with Web Site Owners That Like You

The internet can seem like a huge place to make friends and network with others. As social networks increase in use (from Ning to Facebook) we can easily forget about old-fashioned web page where people just exchanged links. When you are looking for places to market your books, a great place to start is with people who have already expressed an interest in you!

There are numerous ways to find out who is linking to your web site, and many of them require a piece of HTML code on your web site. So let’s keep it simple: Just go to and enter in the searchbox

Some of the web sites will be your own, pointing to different pages on your web site. But many of the web sites that will pop up will be unfamiliar to you. Take a couple of hours, or hire your teenager, to visit these web sites and collect the email addresses of the web site owners. Do not spam them and add them to your mailing list without their permission. But it is a nice idea to send them out an email to say thanks for the links and interest in you/your book/your content, etc.

Then ask their permission to add them to your mailing list so you can contact them in the future. You may want to email them when

  • you have a new book come out and want to let them know. Have a virtual book party and give away some gifts and copies of your book
  • you are looking for blogs for a virtual book tour
  • you want to give away books as gifts for a drawing on certain sites
  • you want to let the site owners know when you have fresh content/articles. They may want to use it in their ezine or in their ezine
  • you are looking for submissions, anecdotes, personal examples
  • you would like some book reviews
  • you want to let people know they can link to your book at Amazon and even make a small percentage of money of the sales through the Associates’ program
  • you want to feature some of the web sites in your own ezine
  • It’s always nice to give a link back to those who have linked to you. If you do so, be sure to let them know.
  • some of these may be authors you’ve not yet pursued co-op ideas with. Talk to them! Are you serving the same people? How could you compliment each other?

Most people who are building small individual web sites may not think of ways they could help you, even if they want to. And some of their “small” niche sites get thousands of visitors per month. Offer some suggestions and be sure to find a way to say thank you! They won’t forget it and those links will soon become relationships.


Lisa and Joel Copen have a variety of experience in founding a nonprofit that receives over 80,000 visitors per month, music and sound editing, web design, and book marketing and publishing. They look forward to your ideas to make the series of ebooks on book promotion a practical tool to help you sell more books!

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